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Serving customers in IC industry and adjacent high-tech sectors...

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Some of the world's most innovative technology products can trace their manufacturing roots to advanced micro-fabrication equipment supplied by companies like AMEC. From PCs, smart phones and digital consumer devices, to powerful servers and other advanced technologies that drive our global economy – they all rely on increasingly complex microchips.

And AMEC provides some of the most critical manufacturing technologies that make these microchips possible.

Our dielectric Etch products were first built for 300-mm production of devices at 65-45 nm. Today, our newest offering is positioned to address the super-advanced and highly complex 22-nm processing regime and below.

All of our products feature proprietary technical innovations for higher throughput and superior on-wafer performance. This includes a novel mini-batch cluster architecture that improves productivity by nearly 50% over comparative systems, while offering a 35% lower cost-of-ownership (CoO) benefit.

They carry the AMEC promise of simple design, smaller footprint, superior performance, ease-of-use, reliability and affordability.