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Serving customers in IC industry and adjacent high-tech sectors...

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AMEC is committed to investing in R&D to create innovative products in a timely way with leading-edge technologies. Nearly one-third of our workforce is engaged in R&D activities. With a strong multicultural tradition, we have attracted well-trained engineers and experts from across the world to deliver solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

Our “no-compromises” philosophy begins at our R&D hub in Shanghai. At this custom-designed facility we develop and build our state-of-the-art tools for use in the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing fabs and the production facilities of other high-tech companies worldwide.

To further sharpen our competitive edge, we incorporated the Product Life Cycle process into our R&D function. This allows us to accelerate our time to market with products that help our customers achieve their business success.

Our world-class innovation capabilities is recognized globally.