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Prismo D-BLUE

The patented architecture of Prismo D-BlueTM can accommodate up to 4 reactors, can process up to 216 2-inch wafers simultaneously and will extend to 4, 6 and 8-inch wafer production. Each reactor can be controlled independently—an inventive design that enables exceptional manufacturing flexibility. It is the only tool of its kind with this capability. This means it can process in parallel or sequential mode, which reduces cross-contamination and ensures the high crystalline quality required for advanced LED applications. The tool’s footprint efficiency is unmatched—nearly 30% smaller than comparative single-reactor systems—making the Prismo a smarter fit for today’s LED fabs.

Key Technology Features and Advantages

Exceptional Manufacturing Flexibility
Multi-reactor architecture is configured to handle up to 4 reactors. Each reactor can be controlled independently - the only tool of its kind with this capability. This novel design empowers customers with unprecedented production flexibility.

Superb Production Efficiency & Process Performance
Excellent uniformity, breakthrough repeatability and ultra-high reliability - even with virtually no recipe adjustments throughout the entire epitaxial process.

Easy Serviceability
High uptime means longer interval between services. Also, novel design features, as well as automated/programmable maintenance routines, makes for uncomplicated servicing.

Compact Footprint – A smarter fit for the LED Fab
The multi-reactor Prismo D-Blue is 30% smaller than comparative single-reactor tools, making it a neater fit for today's LED fabs.

For more information on the Prismo D-BLUETM, please email info@amecnsh.com