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Primo D-RIE

AMEC's 300-mm Primo D-RIE™ very high frequency[De-coupled Reactive Ion Etch] tool is built for 65/45/28-nm Etch applications covering a wide range of etch and stop-layer films, such as SiO2, low k, Si, SiN, SiON, SiC, and amorphous carbon.

The high-productivity, high-performance cluster tool can be flexibly configured with up to three dual-station process modules. Each module is capable of processing two wafers simultaneously. It can also be configured for single-wafer processing. The product features proprietary technology, including a VHF and LF RF system plasma source, an FEIS plasma confinement system and a unique SiC showerhead design.

Key Technology Features and Advantages

Very High Frequency De-coupled RIE enables independent ion density and energy control for effective process control knobs

Symmetrically distributed and direct RF feed for VHF RF enables precise control for repeatable results in a production environment

Proprietary, plasma confinement enables process stability with high flow conductance for a wide process window

Independent RF onboard uniformity control unit and endpoint control per station enables each wafer to run in a single-chamber environment

Bottom-powered, high-frequency RF enables stable, low pressure, high plasma density strip to preserve the integrity of low-k materials

Proprietary, self-isolated RF match for quick, repeatable frequency-tuning capability

High-purity, plasma-resistant chamber materials for very low defectivity and low cost of consumables

Direct resistive top electrode heating with closed-loop control enables precise and speedy temperature control for consistent wafer processing

Mini-batch cluster architecture – featuring up to six single-wafer process stations delivers excellent throughput in a smaller footprint

Modular system architecture facilitates easy installation and maintenance

We Provide Competitive Equipment and High Quality Customer Support and Service, Including

Installation, maintenance and repair of the equipment for semiconductor wafer Equipment uptime or availability optimization

Predict and solve high-value problems to make the equipment more productive more quickly resolution of customer equipment issues. Offer consulting, spare parts, services, automation software and upgrades

Quality and continual improvement are ingrained in every employee's daily activities, including product innovation, support, processes, and human resource development.

Adhere to the Philosophy of "always raise the bar, and there is always room for improvement when it comes to quality", AMEC pursues quality in providing high-performance products, excellent services, and competitive solutions that satisfy internal and external customer requirements.

On-site service and support

Customer Support and Service

Each service center has a common goal: to provide comprehensive, seamless support, from system preparation, start-up, process integration and sign-off, through the warranty and post-warranty phases

Our culture of innovation permeates all aspects of our customer relationships. So, as customers consider their next technology node migration or seek to avoid a looming technical obstacle, AMEC is right there with the vision, technology and process expertise to enable their success

For more information on the Primo D-RIE, please email info@amecnsh.com