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Primo AD-RIE

AMEC's Primo AD-RIE™ is the company's second-generation dielectric Etch product for FEOL and BEOL applications. It is targeted for processing wafers at 22-nm and below. Built on the proven capabilities and process record of the Primo D-RIE, the Primo AD-RIE features advanced enhancements such as switchable LF RF, multi-gas distribution and dual-chiller temperature-controlled ESC.

Extensive wafer marathons confirm the product's reliability and repeatability, while demonstrating extremely precise CD uniformity to within 2nm.

Key Technology Features and Advantages

2-13.5Mhz switchable RF which enables an even wider process window for advanced multi-stack structures

Unique RF input with symmetrical power distribution for uniform plasma density

Triple-zone gas distribution with dual tuning gases to the extreme edge that enables more effective CD uniformity tunability

Dual-chiller temperature-controlled ESC that enables wafer temperature uniformity tunability for better CD uniformity performance

For more information on the Primo AD-RIE, please email info@amecnsh.com