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Second CIIF Award in Two Years Highlights a Decade of

                                              Technology and Business Success for the Company

SHANGHAI, China, November 28, 2014—Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc. (AMEC) today announced that it capped its tenth successful year of advanced technology innovation by winning a Gold Prize at the 16th China International Industrial Fair (CIIF). The company received the prestigious award for its industry-leading Primo AD-RIE™ dielectric etch process platform. The tool meets the stringent etch requirements for advanced semiconductor applications at design nodes of 28-15nm and smaller. AMEC was one of only four companies to receive a Gold Award at the event held earlier this month in Shanghai.

This is the second consecutive year for AMEC to be honored with a CIIF Award. The company’s Prismo D-BLUE™ MOCVD process tool captured a Silver Award in 2013. The system enables mass production of high-brightness Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Competition for the awards is extremely stiff, and it is rare to be recognized two years in a row.

“To receive a Gold Award this year and a Silver Award last year, each for a different one of our processes—truly highlights the significant technology and business momentum we have achieved since our formation in 2004,” said AMEC’s Chairman and CEO Gerald Z. Yin, Ph.D. “The accolade is a tribute to our technology team which works daily to advance technical and economic success for our global customers.”

2014 was a banner year for AMEC, featuring technological achievements and business growth. Earlier this year, the company introduced the Primo iDEA™, an industry-first process tool that integrates dielectric etch and photo resist onto the same dual-station platform. This new differentiated tool provides semiconductor manufacturers with a significant increase in productivity, and a 20 percent reduction in cost of ownership (CoO).

Also, in a win for its dielectric etch platform, AMEC’s single-station Primo AD-RIE product was qualified by a customer for the most critical 16nm flash applications. The tool demonstrated solid performance in volume production, processing more than 140,000 wafers per month with very high uptime and stable yield.

Such advanced technical capabilities attracted new customers from Japan and Russia, and certain industry-leading companies qualified AMEC’s dielectric etch platform as Process Tool of Record (PTOR) for advanced manufacturing processes.

Beyond momentum in dielectric etch, AMEC also saw growth in its TSV and MEMS etch business. The company received repeat orders for its 300mm Primo TSV™ process tool from leading semiconductor companies in mainland China and Taiwan. Valued for high throughput and low CoO, the TSV/MEMS platform delivers the advanced technology required for CMOS image sensors (CIS) and MEMS devices.

Finally, as the LED market rebounded, driven largely by Chinese LED manufacturers, AMEC’s MOCVD tool saw steady acceptance by China-based customers. AMEC intends to take advantage of the regional growth trends to support its aggressive sales strategy for the product line. The MOCVD systems play a critical role in cost-effective production of high-brightness LEDs. Over time, this new light source is expected to replace less efficient incandescent light bulbs.

Dr. Yin noted: “While we believe that our industry-leading technology is central to our success over the last decade, another factor has played an important role as well: That is our approach to doing business. From the outset, we focused on combining the best business practices and technological expertise with the highest levels of quality and customer service. When a customer chooses to work with AMEC, they can expect a partner who offers the very best solutions in the areas that matter most to them: technology, speedy ramp-up, expertise, quality, reliability and service. This reputation has helped us achieve growth of 40 percent for each of the last two years. We aim to maintain this healthy pace.”

About Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc. (AMEC)
AMEC is a leading Asia-based provider of advanced Etch and CVD process technology and equipment. Our products are used to build semiconductors, as well as emerging technologies like Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and power devices. Today, more than 330 AMEC Etch stations are positioned at 26 fabs across Asia. They’re helping semiconductor manufacturing leaders build memory and logic devices at process nodes as low as 10nm for use in mobile, consumer, computing and automotive applications. To learn more, please visit www.amec-inc.com.

Primo AD-RIE, Primo TSV and Prismo D-BLUE are trademarked by AMEC.

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