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Customer Names Primo™ Single-Station Chamber Advanced Dielectric Etcher Production Tool of Record for Critical 16nm Flash Applications

SHANGHAI, China and SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 12, 2014 – Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc. (AMEC) said today that a leading Korean manufacturer of memory ICs has placed repeat orders for its Single-Station Chamber Advanced Dielectric Etch tool, the Primo SSC AD-RIE™. The tools will be used for volume production. In addition, the system was named Production Tool of Record (PTOR) by the customer for critical Flash memory applications at nodes of 16nm. This follows a period of rigorous evaluation, where the Primo SSC AD-RIE tool consistently out-performed the production capabilities and performance of competitive etch systems. AMEC is now also working with the customer on DRAM and 3D NAND process development.

Calling the PTOR designation a significant achievement for AMEC, the company’s Vice President and General Manager for Korea, KI Yoon, said: “Today, it’s very clear that customers at the leading edge are not simply looking for new tools from their vendors; they want solutions for complex manufacturing challenges. This calls for close collaborations that involve a mix of advanced technology and associated expertise. With this model, we’ve been able to solve vexing process issues for this customer, while also enabling new advances in their Flash memory device development.”

The Primo SSC AD-RIE tool is the third and newest generation of AMEC’s Primo etch platform. It was developed to meet stringent requirements for very advanced etch applications. They include ultra-high throughput and best possible on-wafer performance, as well as future-generation extendibility. A cluster platform tool, the Primo SSC AD-RIE can accommodate up to six standalone process stations, separately optimized to deliver exceptional process control flexibility. Each chamber is built for extremely high pumping speed and features independent knobs to fine-tune important recipe parameters like multiple-zone gas distribution, dynamic RF power modulation and multiple-zone temperature control. The in-situ fine-tuning and the robust chamber design prevent high aspect ratio (HAR) etch stop and process drifts - making chamber matching and repeatability easier to achieve. This, in turn, increases productivity.

A key advantage of AMEC’s etch tool is its flexible configuration. With the same mainframe platform, it can be equipped with a dual-station chamber for high throughput and lower costs, or a single-station chamber to meet the higher pumping speed demands of critical applications. The outstanding flexibility extends to the placement of gas boxes. They can be floor mounted for easy maintenance, or top mounted for foot print reduction.

Primo SSC AD-RIE and Primo D-RIE are trademarks of AMEC.

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