AMEC - Rotation Engineer Program (A-REP)
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AMEC is an innovative Asia-based semiconductor equipment company with proprietary wafer fabrication solutions designed to advance technology, increase productivity, and reduce manufacturing costs for leading global manufacturers of semiconductor and LEDs. It provides competitive equipment and high quality client services to customers in front-end semiconductor manufacturing, back-end wafer level packaging, LED production, and other semiconductor fabrication processes. AMEC's dielectric etch and TSV tools are helping semiconductor manufacturing leaders build memory and logic devices at process nodes as low as 10nm. Today, more than 600 AMEC process units are positioned at over 30 leading-edge fabs across Asia and Europe. In addition, AMEC's MOCVD equipment has been used by LED and power device customers for volume production.

Headquarter: Shanghai, China
Founded: May, 2004
Worldwide locations: Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Korea, U.S.

Do you thrive on creating solutions to complex challenges? Engineering a better world!

The A-REP is for selective engineer(s), a 2-year program, committed to growing high potential talent with a passion for technology, by accelerating their development through: intense technical training, professional training, a variety of business-specific and critical rotational assignments. The program graduates will gain the technical and business foundation to proactively and continuously make innovative contributions to AMEC.

Phase One (Year 1):

Technical skills development for manufacturability, product quality and reliability via on-the-job training and classroom training;

Phase Two (Year 2):

Trained and qualified talents to be selected to Product and Service Groups of R&D, Process Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Field Service Support, Technical Product Support or Global Material Operations (GMO)

[Minimum Qualifications] [Desired Qualifications]

Locations: Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xiamen, Jinjiang, Nanchang, Suqian, Yiwu, Yangzhou, Wuxi, Overseas

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