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Mission & Vision Core Values


To lead our served markets with advanced micro-fabrication equipment that helps microelectronics manufacturers achieve technical and production breakthroughs, and create sustainable value for all


To create extraordinary tomorrows for the planet and its people through exceptional innovation today

Core Values:

Customer-centric —by delivering exceptional products and services

Innovation-driven —by constantly setting higher standards

Service-orientated —through responsiveness and timeliness

Commitment-focused —through initiative and hard work

Transparent-aware —through authenticity honesty and integrity

Execution-driven —with efficiency and strong sensitivity to costs

Results-orientated —with recognition and reward for effort

Safety-focused —with respect and concern for the environment

Success-aligned —through team work and mutual trust for win-win outcomes

Satisfaction-driven —through a fulfilling work environment

AMEC Milestones
  • 2004.08
  • 2005.09
  • 2007.06
  • 2008.08
  • 2010.06
  • 2011.01
  • 2011.11
  • 2012.11
  • 2013.12
  • 2014.11
  • 2015.02
  • 2015.07
  • 2015.11
  • 2016.01
  • 2016.01
  • 2016.06
  • 2016.08
  • 2016.11
  • 2017.01
  • 2017.04
  • 2017.07
Founded in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park

Life @ AMEC

About AMEC

Welcome to AMEC—a global micro-fabrication equipment company serving customers in the semiconductor industry and adjacent high-tech sectors.

Our equipment is used to build the world's most sophisticated technology: tiny nano-scale devices that provide intelligence and memory for the inventive products that improve our lives and sustain our planet.

We're headquartered in Asia, the world's manufacturing innovation hub, which puts us at the center of a dynamic supply chain that enables the economic efficiencies we provide for our customers.

Through the talent, passion and focus of our people, we've created a new-breed micro-fabrication equipment company, achieving breakthroughs in technology and productivity, and earning the trust of top chipmakers and other technology innovators across the world.

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