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AMEC's Etch products combine the most advanced technology...

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Our Mission

To advance technology, increase productivity and reduce costs for manufacturers of microelectronics devices and other high-tech products.

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Corporate Profile

Welcome to AMEC—a global micro-fabrication equipment company serving customers in the semiconductor industry and adjacent high-tech sectors.

Our equipment is used to build the world's most sophisticated technology: tiny nano-scale devices that provide intelligence and memory for the inventive products that improve our lives and sustain our planet.

We're headquartered in Asia, the world's manufacturing innovation hub, which puts us at the center of a dynamic supply chain that enables the economic efficiencies we provide for our customers.

Through the talent, passion and focus of our people, we've created a new-breed micro-fabrication equipment company, achieving breakthroughs in technology and productivity, and earning the trust of top chipmakers and other technology innovators across the world.