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Our Mission

To advance technology, increase productivity and reduce costs for manufacturers of microelectronics devices and other high-tech products.

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Corporate Governance

AMEC conducts its business with the highest ethical standards and in full accord with the reporting and compliance principles and best practices of a global corporation.  Our business is conducted by employees, managers and corporate officers, and led by the Chief Executive Officer with oversight from the Board of Directors. 

AMEC strives to be an exemplary company in every respect.  We provide customers, suppliers and partners with innovative, responsive and cost-effective solutions.  We provide sound financial leadership and reporting on behalf of our investors.  We value the talents and commitment of our employees.  We consider our reputation for integrity as key to our business success. 

Our reputation depends on each of us making the right ethical decisions every day.  We have adopted a Code of Ethical Business Conduct to help all of us make the right choices. 

We are fully committed to fostering and sustaining a culture of honesty and accountability, building trust each day, one decision at a time.

AMEC'S Code of Ethical Business Conduct

We treat each individual with fairness, respect, and without discrimination.

Our internal documents and records and external certifications and reports to governmental or other agencies receive our dedicated effort to make them timely, accurate, and complete.

Our pricing, billing, contracting and all other business practices are fair and accurate, and comply with our guidelines established by local and international legal restrictions.

Our Financial Team will strive to promote financial integrity throughout AMEC and in AMEC's financial reporting process.

We value most highly proprietary and confidential information, whether of AMEC or of others. 

We conduct our activities in compliance with local and international antitrust and trade regulation statutes.

We are aware of and strive to comply with the laws related to our business in all countries in which we operate.

We use our technological and other resources in a secure and appropriate manner.

We maintain a workplace with the highest safety standards.

We conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner.